51 Sleek Modern Master Bathroom Ideas (Photos)

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Please note that we include both contemporary and modern designs here.  I know modern is a specific type of design, but we’ve found that most people looking for “modern” bathrooms are really looking for contemporary designs.

This is our modern style master bathroom design gallery where you can browse photos or filter down your search with the options on the right.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.

Photos of awesome modern master bathrooms
We love this black, natural wood and white bathroom.  Check out all the mirrors and notice how the bathtub looks out into the master bedroom with a view of the wall-mounted TV and the fireplace. An extremly cool and smart layout for a 21st century bathroom.

Source: Redfin. I love this black, natural wood and white bathroom.  Check out all the mirrors and notice how the bathtub looks out into the master bedroom with a view of the wall-mounted TV and the fireplace.  Very cool and smart layout and design.

A simplistic design, this gorgeous bathroom uses cool cream, white, and light gray in combination with dark colored hardwood floors for an amazing simple but chic finish.

Designed by Heusch Inc.

This is no ordinary bathroom. This modern bathroom has gorgeous gray textured walls and a warm toned hardwood floors for a gorgeous finish. All the elements and colors elevate this bathroom from its competition.

Designed by: ARRCC | Architect: SAOTA

A large, square shaped bathtub with wide rims fits cozily in this neutral colored bathroom.  The large windows looking out into a small garden and further down to another room give the space a sense of openness and calm. This is a great way to bring the outside natural beauty into the bathroom, which is rarely seen these days.

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If there was ever a unique design for sinks, it’s this! A bed of rocks rimmed with blue LED lighting gives a futuristic touch to a classic dark wood cupboard beneath. The black sinks with mounted faucet and taps finish the look.

Designed by: LLI Design

Warm, soft neutral colors dominate this bathroom. The wooden effect of the walls and the sleek coffee colored hues of the mounted cupboards make the white sinks stand out and look breathlessly elegant.

Designed by: Sanders Architecture

This is a gorgeous bathroom with an all white design that uses accents and nature to add life. The dark wooden cabinets stand out brightly against the white background as do the pots of flowers beside the sink and at the edge of the tub. The marble floor and bathtub are the perfect finish.

Sebastian van Damme | Architect: EVA

A clean, minimalistic looking bathroom design uses a contemporary shaped tub and reflective glass to bring the whole space together. The accents of warmer bath trays and a dark mat are the only color in this bathroom apart from a black towel and monochrome tiling.


A small bathroom which uses large mirrors and light colored floors to give the illusion of a larger space than it actually holds. The hanging lights give it a luxurious feel and the gray and white theme goes beautifully with the overall expensive aesthetic.


Skylights are an ingenious way of adding natural light to bathrooms. This gray and black themed bathroom uses contemporary elements such as skylights and spotlights combined with simpler, almost rustic dual sinks.


A geometric, stylish bathtub and stool make this bathroom at once modern and sleek. There’s lots of natural light and a rain shower with a bench which adds a touch of luxury. The cool toned wooden walls go great with the tiles and make this look almost like a cabin.

Studio VARA

A soft, caramel colored theme makes this bathroom look spacious and minimal. The inner lighting behind the windows and carefully placed along the ceiling give the bathroom a beautiful glow.

This bathroom features a large corner to corner mirror with warm wooden panels and stylish-hanging lights along the edge of the mirror. The sinks are separated from each other as are the shower and tub making this bathroom feel spacious. Marbled floor and panels with their gray accents finish heighten the look of this mesmerizing bathroom.

Skylights and windows are a great way to give the bathroom a lot of natural light and bring out a natural green vibe. Modern cut bathtubs and a shower stall with a mounted bench all give this bathroom a uniquely contemporary look.

A small bathroom can feel much larger with the right elements. Skylights, mirrors, and a cool white and gray theme all help make this bathroom look expansive. The gentle curves of the bathtub are a modern twist on the otherwise simple, straight lines of the bathroom.  

This bathroom uses shades of deep brown and caramel to create a warm, pleasing aesthetic. The white tub, sink, and toilet stand out against the rich brown while the caramel adds a little bit of color and opens up the space.


This bathroom looks almost like the inside of an igloo with its soft-snow colored tiles on the floors and walls. The dark wooden cabinet adds some depth to the space while the corner to corner mirror makes it seem larger.

Source: Zillow DigsTM

This is a truly modern bathroom with blue LED lights highlighting different areas. The rustic coffee colored theme makes it seem warm and inviting and the sleek tub and shower only look more inviting.


This bathroom is a prime example of perfectly utilizing a given space. There is no space wasted here. This ingenious design allows for the tub and shower to be fit cozily into the same space. The design is at once stylish, functional, and contemporary.

MU Architecture

This bathroom is minimalistic to its core. Simple, clean marble with white and gray accents are used for the floor as well as the walls, and the shower is open spaced with no cubicle restricting it. to sum it up in a few words; sleek, modern, and simple.

This bathroom design looks like something out of an art show. The bathtub and shower cubicle are side by side, framed by a geometric patterned shaped capsule of tiles that’s set in the midst of foggy gray floors and light wooden ceilings. If this wasn’t a photo, it could easily pass as a hyper realistic painting.

This bathroom uses different shades of woods for the floor and cabinets to give a nice, warm aesthetic that is contrasted by the white bathtub, sink, and accessories. Once again, windows and skylights are a prominent feature.  

Imagine sinking into a warm bath with a television right in front of you. This beautiful design has a stunning view outside the window and a TV in front for the ultimate luxury experience. This bathroom bring two worlds into one.

This bathroom uses dark chestnut wooden flooring in combination with marble to give a sophisticated finish. A hanging light and slanted shower stall give a contemporary look. A fine example of a modern bathroom.

Source: Trulia

Dual sinks and large mirrors make this moderate bathroom look even larger. With a simplistic tub cornered by wide rims and gray tiles, this bathroom looks exquisite.

A black and white theme with a contemporary twist; this bathroom uses careful accents to make the black pop on the white marble. Stripes in the shower stall with a black seat and black flooring around the tub, and the cupboards and window make it stylish without being bland.

This bathroom has an interesting combination of elephant gray walls, marbled tiles and shower cubicle with patterned black accents. The overall look is a stylish, but extremely elegant finish making it look very luxurious. The first thing that comes to our mind is the word ’unique’

This bathroom with the master bedroom is simple with its laminated wood cabinet and marble countertop but still gives off a sleek, modern finish.

This bathroom uses light, neutral toned wood for cupboards and mirror panels and has tons of natural light giving it an earthy, clean finish. The vanity table added between the sinks is a very nice, functional touch.

This bathroom is connected to the terrace by a large floor to ceiling sliding doors. The slim mirror over the dual sinks also adds to making the small space feel bigger. The shower stall is simple and frameless making it a clean, simple, and sleek design.

Source: Trulia

This modern bathroom has cool toned hardwood floors and an impressive marble shower stall is a good mix of the old and new. The sinks have soft, accent lighting while the opposite area with marble countertops boasts lantern lights.

This bathroom is small but is infinitely cozy. The eggshell colored tiles pair so well with the wooden cupboards. The tasteful addition of flowers and a painting make it look even more inviting.

Source: Trulia

Another black and white themed bathroom, this one sets itself apart by using almost brick like patterns for its tub. The large mirror and windows help to reflect light and make the narrow space seem wider. The black tiles and cupboard are sleek and non-fussy, making the design effortlessly stylish.

This beautiful design with the tiles of the bathtub running up and along the shower cubicle make it seem geometric, funky, and modern while still holding on to the classic black and white monochrome theme

A gorgeous bathroom that looks out into the city skyline, this design uses cream colored tones for a modern, feminine look. The flowers add some color and freshness to the enclosed space. The curtains over the window next to the bathtub provide the option of giving yourself the privacy that you deserve, or letting plenty of light in.

This bathroom is absolutely stunning with its cool toned ashy colors. The white ceramics are brought to life through gray tiles in the shower and gorgeous hardwood tiles and countertops. This is truly a sleek and contemporary design at its finest.


This bathroom is simplistic but luxurious at the same time. A generously sized shower stall is adorned with eggshell pattered tiles. The sink has a pleasing swooping design and a sleek marble countertop. But the star of the show is the large hot tub in the corner with beautiful spotlights above it.

This bathroom has beautiful elephant gray walls and sleek tiled floors and countertops. The tub and shower stall are minimalistic and there’s option for plenty of light to come through the windows and skylights.

This bathroom is pretty neutral in terms of design but there is a pop of color through the baby blue shower stall glass. The rest of the bathroom is cool toned grays and creams with a dark wooden basin.

This bathroom separates the bath area from the toilet by closing the toilet off behind a cubicle. The remaining bathroom is neutral with cream colored paneling and sleek ceramic countertops. There are large windows and soft hanging lights to give it a nice glow.

This is a perfect example of how to make a small bathroom look stylish. With a single basin and sleek shower cubicle, this bathroom makes the best use of its given specifications while still looking modern and stylish.

Frameless mirror and frameless shower cubicle make this bathroom look more spacious than it is. Add to it the neutral toned tiles and you have a stylish, fresh bathroom on your hands.

This bathroom has an impressive rain shower, a rounded basin, and a window side tub – what more could you want?

There’s something very impressive about dark, warm wood. It makes this bathroom looks rich and luxurious.

modern bathroom

This bathroom is absolutely stunning with its cool toned ashy colors. The white ceramics are brought to life through gray tiles in the shower and gorgeous hardwood tiles and countertops. This is truly sleek and contemporary design at its finest.

This beautiful marbled bathroom adds luxury with a mounted fireplace right in the bathroom itself! That’s not something that you often see in a bathroom, but it works great in this setting.

A huge mirror, neutral toned tiles and simple fixtures make this bathroom appealing, a classic and contemporary at the same time.

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A few of my favorite modern master bathroom designs
Here’s a diverse collection of modern and contemporary master bathroom design ideas.

Here’s a great example of a contemporary master bathroom with large glass walk-in shower, double sink vanity, large white space and tub. Large is the current trend with today’s en suites. We love all the windows too, which isn’t too common for bathrooms.

Rustic meets modern in this master bathroom with rustic wood wall, round mirror and then the modern cabinetry and ultra modern trough-style basin.

Here’s an example of a house where the attic was turned into a master suite which includes a renovated attic master bathroom that is totally contemporary in design with its walk-in shower, freestanding white tub and of course those fabulous skylights, which really make the place look great. This is a great example of building a bathroom in an unconventional space, while holding on to its unique characteristics.

This style of master bath is very common today with the gray and white tile floor, freestanding white tub, white vanity with black surface and full glass walk-in shower (very large).

This is a smaller modern master bathroom with a  floating white vanity, small tub, floating toilet and small glass shower with gray tile floor and white tile walls. The wall-mounted metal heated towel rack is a very nice touch.

Here’s another example of a small master bathroom in contemporary design.

Spacious master bathroom with more storage than most kitchens, which is doubling as a dressing room. I think white flooring would be a better fit here, but those cabinets are amazing.

Here’s another view of the contemporary bathroom above.

This is a great example of a modern Asian style master bathroom with dark textured wood, square vessel basin, and dark brown tile throughout. The Asian element truly bring a sense of personality to the bathroom.

Here’s a renovated master bathroom that is gray, brown and white. We absolutely love the skylight and the gray shower color scheme. Though, we are not so big on the use of the color brown here, but the layout is really great.

Fabulous wood-framed walk-in shower is the star of this master bath that includes a two entry points. Wooden paneling can accentuate a bathroom’s look if utilized correctly.

A modern master bathroom is the 4th most popular of the analyzed bathrooms, with the design taking over 12.43%, or 135,654, of the 1,091,335 bathrooms. It comes in behind contemporary, traditional, and transitional, respectively.

Modern bathrooms tend to focus on the look of the mid-century, using sharp, sleek lines with a creative mix of geometric patterns. Features, like sinks and faucets, tend to be angular in shape and the overall design tends to have a clean, uncluttered vibe.

This design also focuses on a minimalistic feel, making it a good choice for both large bathrooms and small bathrooms. Many people like this design choice because you can easily blend different materials, like porcelain, stone, and wood, and still create a seamless design.

Browse our gallery to get some modern master bathroom design ideas for your home.

Favorite Modern Elements
Although modern master bathrooms aren’t the most popular, you’ll notice that many traditional elements of bathroom design coincide with familiar elements of modern design. Here is some data that shows the popularity of many modern design elements within the bathrooms we analyzed.

This graph demonstrates the breakdown of popularity for cabinet styles in the bathroom. As you can see, out of 278,612 analyzed bathrooms, the flat-panel style, a popular choice for modern bathrooms, is the most popular choice, used in 87,426, or 31.38% of those bathrooms.

Porcelain and ceramic tile are among the favorites for floor covering in master bathrooms, making up 32.60% and 28.37% of the analyzed bathrooms, respectively. These are also top choices in modern master bathroom design ideas because of their sleek lines and finishes.

This graph shows the popularity of color schemes in master bathrooms, with gray, white, beige, and brown leading the pack, totaling 82.47% of the 948,706 analyzed bathrooms. These colors are all popular in modern bathroom design ideas.

Mixing Materials
As with any design choice that involves mixing materials or patterns, you won’t want to overdo it with your master bath design. But, mixing woods and stones is perfect for a modern design and gives you the ability to use some of your favorite materials in one room.

Use wood cabinets or wood flooring with rich grains and complement it with some granite countertops, which are used in 28.61% of the 265,810 bathrooms analyzed. Natural woods with stainless steel finish also work well in the master bathroom to provide the sleek, clean look that modern designs need.

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