34 Attractive Living Room Storage Ideas

Awesome collection of 34 living room storage ideas that reduces clutter and makes your living room look even better. Great ideas that you’ll love.-

Welcome to our guide to living room storage options!

So you have some extra stuff, and you want it nearby where you can access it with ease. Tucking it away in a basement or garage doesn’t work–those are too far away. Why not store things in your living room? Because it’s too cluttered?

Living room storage is a great way to keep those items nearby, ready whenever you need them. But what about cluttering up your sleek and well planned living room design? Don’t worry, there are plenty of clever storage ideas that can keep your living room filled with your favorite things, all while remaining uncluttered.

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One great option for living room storage is an ottoman. An ottoman is a great design choice; it can increase the comfort of a particular seat by acting as a footstool, act as a table, or even increase the seating options in your living room. This is a great selection when seeking to increase storage because many ottomans are hollow and have a removable seat. The seats are usually either completely removable or on a hinge. This is a great way to store items; the storage is out of sight, so the stored items are almost as good as invisible. You can customize your ottoman to fit with nearly any design choice and living room style. The multiple uses and versatility of the ottoman make it an amazing choice if you are looking to maximize the functionality of each piece in your space.

Depending on what kinds of chairs you have in your living room, there is plenty of unused space under those chairs. There may be creative ways to use this space to store items. There are even some chairs built with this in mind. Much like ottomans, some chairs have removable seats and storage right underneath.

Coffee tables and end tables with shelves are also good places to store items. Although these often don’t hide the visibility of the items, it is still a good place to keep things. Some may have drawers which can store smaller items.

Another great option is a truck or chest. A trunk or chest can have vintage or antique appeal as a table while providing storage space.

Bookcases and other shelves are perfect for storage. They provide ample storage, and come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. They can be freestanding, or even built into your walls. These are perfect for items you want to display out in your living room. Cube shelves are a great and simple solution. Some cube shelves even have baskets that act as drawers. Be creative with shelves and you will have endless possibilities.

Cabinets are also a good options depending on your space. If you have items that you want to display, but perhaps don’t want them to be free for all to touch, a cabinet with glass doors is ideal. If you would rather the items be out of sight, a cabinet with a solid door can be a great design piece.

If you have plenty of shelf space, but there are things you don’t want to display, there are ways to hide those items with some clever accessories. Hollow books, or other design items may be a good place to hide things you want stored away but close by.

Specific living room storage ideas

  1.  Shelving
    Whether it’s for book storage, Blu-Ray storage, or for decorative purposes, shelves are a great way to make use of vertical wall storage in a living room or family room.

This ladder shelf features two drawers at the bottom, which would normally go unused since they’re so low.

If you don’t have the floor space for a free-standing or leaning shelf, you might prefer floating shelving:

Whether for decorative purposes or to store books, shelves are one of the most versatile types of storage.

  1.  Ottomans with Storage
    Like in the bedroom, ottomans can be used to neatly tuck away blankets or throw pillows that would probably otherwise end up on the floor.

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Ottomans are most common in living rooms, where you can use them to store blankets or pillows.

  1.  Coffee Tables with Storage
    There are some pretty cool coffee tables with unique storage options out there, so you can find one that has the kind of storage you’ll make the most use of.

For example, the multiple levels of storage afforded to you by this option:

There are drawers in the bottom of the table, and the top is also removable, revealing two storage cubbies.

Or, if you prefer, you can get a table with a little more versatility:

Magazine racks are built into the sides, and drawers into the bottom. The top lifts up as well.

  1.  End Tables with Storage
    The end tables always seem to collect the most clutter in a living room or family room. Tissue boxes, glasses, magazines, books, and remote controls. Having a spot to hide all of these away will instantly reduce clutter in your living room.

A small table with a cabinet below a shelf allows you to tuck away small clutter out of sight.

If you prefer a more open look, you could try this style:

Elegant legs are connected by a single low shelf. A small drawer is above.

  1.  Entertainment Media Center Storage Units
    Entertainment centers are the king of living room storage. They almost always have shelving, drawers, and cabinets for you to place your gaming consoles, movies, and other media in.  Some are grand while others are more simple such as a basic TV stand (which can also include storage).

Entertainment centers generally are large pieces of furniture, so they have lots of potential for storage.

  1.  Baskets
    A well-placed basket adds style to a room. We like to place them wherever a blanket usually ends up on the floor. You might also use a basket to store a child or pet’s toys. Of course, you can also add them to existing cubbies to dress up and contain your items.

Wicker baskets add texture to this simple wooden bench.

  1.  Hutches
    This elegant piece of furniture isn’t one you see in many houses anymore, but it’s excellent storage that looks great. If you have a glass-faced hutch, you’ll probably want to use it for more decorative pieces, like keepsakes or porcelain.

You can store your keepsakes in the upper portion, and tuck away blankets or other items int he lower drawers and cabinets.

If you prefer, you can get a hutch with closed storage on the top as well.

The dark wood and textured panels add visual interest to an already elegant piece.

  1.  Firewood Storage
    A roaring fireplace is a huge plus to any living room, but if it’s wood burning, you’ll need a nice spot to keep the firewood without making a mess out of your hearth.

This simple oval holder has an attached tray to catch any dirt, bark, or slivers that fall off the wood as it sits. Plus, it looks great!

  1.  Magazine Rack
    See all magazine storage ideas here.

If you read many magazines, a magazine rack might be a great option to keep all of your magazines from being scattered on a coffee table or on an end table.

Whether your rack is on the floor or on the wall, you’ll be able to keep your magazines organized and all in one place!

This simple V-shaped magazine holder can hold just a few magazines and is best for someone who reads one or two magazines.

If you’re looking for a wall mounted version with more storage, you might like this one:

This much more decorative magazine rack holds the magazines neatly between each curve.

  1.  Storage Trunk / Steamer Chest
    See all types of storage trunks here.

An old trunk or chest can serve many different purposes in your living room, from simple storage to a storage coffee table. Plus, we love the style they add to a room.

This trunk has a classic curved top with wooden sides and tooled leather. It even includes buckles!

Or, you can go for a more traditional cedar chest to store your blankets and pillows.

Ornate carving around the outside of the box is decoration enough for any formal living room.

  1.  Mini-Bar
    A mini-bar will serve you well if you spend much time entertaining in your living room.

You can go for a more permanent installation, or a rolling bar that you can move into storage when it’s not needed.

This all-wood mini bar is a more permanent installation, and features a foot bar should you want to add barstools to the mix.

Or, opt for this smaller version:

Glass doors allow you to display what’s inside. It also includes an extendable counter and a wine rack.

Also check out these 15 custom luxury home bars.

  1.  Console Tables
    If you need a bit less storage than an entertainment center, you might opt for a console table instead. The open shelving can be used for decorative purposes as well. Console tables are also excellent on their own or behind a sofa.

While the top of the table is used to house a lamp and several accents, the lower portion can house items in a basket.

  1.  Bookcases
    Bookcases, whether they’re built-in or not, are a great storage solution.If you don’t have enough books to completely fill the shelves,  you can use that storage for other things as well.

A simple bookcase can add so much to a room, regardless if you’re an avid reader or not. Use baskets to organize smaller items, or store a collection of movies.

  1.  Storage Benches
    Learn about all types of storage benches here.

A storage bench can double as an ottoman or as a coffee table, and only depends on what kind of storage you find yourself in need of, but for a living room, we like them best as an extra seat.

Check out this plush bench that  your guests won’t mind sitting on:

The top lifts up to store anything you desire and can fit. It’s also a great place to store items like dog toys while your guests are over.

Real livings with some great storage ideas

This living room utilizes a amazing trunk as a table. The trunk provides a great deal of storage space while being a very stylish and appealing table.

On both sides of this fireplace there are glass door cabinets. These are great for storage and showing off items and design accessories. These cabinets add a cool design element while increasing storage. See more of this home here. Designed by Clay Construction.

Here is a long bench with a storage area under the seat. This is a great storage option because it is a single piece of furniture with multiple uses. The more function a single piece of furniture has, the better. Learn more here.

This room has an ottoman, shelves, cabinets, and a large chest in the center of the room. This room has so many great and creative storage ideas. All of them work together, and all fit the design well. See more of this home here. Designed by Miller & Miller Real Estate

A simple shelf and basket below the top of a coffee table is a simple and easy way to store items. While they may not be hidden away, they are out of the way, and still easy to get to. Learn more here.

This room has a bit of storage under the coffee table, but also has quite a bit of shelving around the television. These storage areas are being used to display various items that work well with the overall design of the room. See more of this home here. Designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

Here are some hollow books that are great for hiding away items in your living room bookshelves. They appear to fill out your library, while creating more places to put things out of the way. Learn more here.

Here is an interesting and appealing shelving and drawer unit. It is used as a design feature, but it is also a functional part of the room. If you are going to have some shelves and drawers, might as well go for a quirky, fun, or interesting design. See more of this home here. Designed by Vanlian Architecture.

This entertainment center is a perfect opportunity for storage, as it has shelves and drawers. Entertainment centers have fallen out of favor in previous years, but they’re still a great way to create wall-storage and hide loose wires. Source: Zillow Digs™

In a simple and sleek modern living room, the creative use of space can create good storage space. Beyond the shelves on the wall, the entertainment space has cabinet space, and there is room under the simple coffee table. See more of this home here. Designed by Sa.ne Studio.

This open ottoman shows the storage that can be inside a utility furnishing. Store pillows and throw blankets close by where you can fish them out if it gets chilly. Learn more here.

This picture shows that putting shelves behind a couch is an easy way to add shelf space if you don’t have more room against the walls. See more of this home here. Designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

Of all the kinds of shelf units that one can get, corner shelves make the most out of limited and unused space. These are a great idea if you have unused corners and need a bit more storage space. Learn more here.

Here we see built in shelves, which are always a good option if you can manage it. Also there is another shelf tucked behind a couch. Putting a unit behind a couch is great if you have run out of blank wall space to put shelving, and you can use them to divide a larger space into more intimate seating areas.  See more of this home here. Designed by Garrison Hullinger interior Design.

These simple shelves and colorful baskets make an interesting and fun kind of drawer system for storing any variety of items. Source: Zillow Digs™

This living room has a nice, sleek, and interesting cabinet against the wall that has a top that can be used as a console table. There is also room under that table for keeping plenty of items. See more of this home here. Designed by Homepolish.

Here is basic bookshelf, which is always good for simple and easy storage solutions. These kinds of bookshelves come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. No matter what kind of space you have in your living room, you can likely find a bookcase in this style that would fit your needs. Learn more here.

This simple and rustic room uses suspended shelves to create storage without taking up much floorspace. With a design like this, it is important to keep things uncluttered and clean, and storage up off of the ground is a good way to keep the space open. See more of this home here. Designed by PplusP Architecture.

Built-in shelves are always a great use of space and can keep storage space out of the way. This room also has s large center table that likely has a plethora of storage inside. This kind of table can fit in with a lot of different designs, and is always stylish.  See more of this home here. Designed by Awork.

A simple leaning shelf can fit in smaller space and create good storage space to almost any style living room. This particular shelf has a distressed painted wood look that’s perfect for a shabby chic living room. Learn more here. Designed by Dapper Dave’s Workshop.

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