45 Fabulous Family Room Design Ideas

Your living room is the place where you and your friends or family can kick back and relax. Most of us want the living room to be as casual, comfortable and functional as possible; however, that doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous as well. Getting style and comfort can be tricky — but don’t worry; we have got you covered. From traditional designs to the ultra-modern, our design gallery is bound to have the perfect family room idea for you and your family.

Family Room Designs Photo Gallery
Modern Art Living Room

The grey and white “Modern Art Family Room” seems like it belongs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York
This ultra-modern living room reminds one of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The predominantly white and grey tones of the room give it an ultra sophisticated look. The huge lighting fixture on the ceiling has a curvy, eclectic design and the paraphernalia in the shelves are of similarly varied designs. The white and black cushions on the couches consist of geometric patterns rather than floral prints or stripes, giving the room a very fashion studio vibe.

Cozy Cocoon
The deep, brownish tone gives the Cozy Cocoon Family Room a warm rustic feel

This beautiful living room is furnished in deep reddish-brown tones, which give it a warm rustic feel. There is a lovely brick fireplace that takes the center front part of the room. The countryside feel is slightly broken down by the modern flat screen TV on the wall, which further adds to the unique feel of this room.

Rustic Rendezvous
The Rustic Rendezvous Family Room seems like a cottage straight from the Little Red Riding Hood

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This living room seems like it is placed in the middle of a fairy woodland. The rich brown furniture is tasteful and the brightly colored throw rug and cushion on the leather couch lends it an even more rustic feel. The wall-to-wall windows show a breathtaking view of the forest, making it look like a scene from the Red Riding Hood.

The Comfy NeutralThe grey, white and golden browns tones of the Comfy Neutral Family Room gives it a soft, homely look
The soft dove white, grey and warm brown colors of this living room gives it a very neutral look. However, it is anything but boring. The couches are covered in linen and look soft and cushy. There are also accents of modern objects on the shelves, giving this room a personality of its own.

The Silver Screen
The Silver Screen Family Room, with its wall of monochromatic photos, comes with a very 1930s vibe

KNOF design

This stunning living room is filled with grey, white and silver tones in a very artsy blend. The chandelier on the ceiling is a period style but the lounge chair seems very modern. The adjacent wall is filled with monochromatic pictures giving the room a very 1930s feel.

The Minimalist
The Minimalist Living Room, free of clutter, allows a lot of natural light

This room tends to lean towards the minimalist design; its walls are bare with a neutral beige tone and there is no bric-a-brac in the room. However, the clean and tidy style and the pale neutral tones, make this room look more spacious. The natural lightning from the outside brightens up the room beautifully.

Art Deco
The Art Deco Family Room balances modern art with homely comforts

This room is very artistic and modern, from the two coffee tables in the center of the room to the white ceramic urn placed in the front wall. The neutral shades of the room are balanced by the soft blue ottoman and cushion and the orange-tan armchair. This room seems to be a haven for art lovers.

Pristine Palace
The Pristine Palace Family Room, with its bright Arctic colors, wouldn’t be amiss in the “Frozen” movie

If Elsa had a modern living room, it would probably be like this. The brilliant white walls and furniture gives this room a bright Arctic look. The white chandelier along with the aquamarine insides of the shelves further gives the illusion that you have entered into an ice palace.

Mediterranean Midsummer
The Mediterranean Midsummer Family Room has a beachside resort feel

Interior design by: ARRCC

This gorgeous living room looks like a part of an upscale hotel rather than someone’s home. The furniture and fixtures in the room showcase sharp, clean lines and the ocean blue cushions give it a feel of a beachside resort. However, the breathtaking view of the outdoor swimming pool and the open sea beyond completes the impression that the place is a Mediterranean midsummer haven.

Eclectic Style
This Eclectic Style Family Room is the perfect abode for a modern art lover

Architect: Oleg Klodt

Another one for the modern art lover, this room is filled with bric-a-brac. The hanging fixtures on the ceiling simulate the design of planets in their orbits, while the table is artfully littered with a modern looking plant pot, books and other odds and ends. The shelf, with its multitudes of colorful books and the blue cushions and throw rugs, give it a very cool vibe.

White Light
The White Light Family Room looks so much bigger because it is white, bright and light

Nothing says bright and well-lit like this beautiful room. The living space comprises a couch and chairs in soft grey shades, counterbalanced by the table and shelves in warm brown. The room is adjacent to a white minimalist kitchen with modern black stools and spot light fixtures in the ceiling.

Luminescent Lighthouse
The Luminescent Lighthouse Family Room is bedecked with a multitude of light bulbs and spotlights

This room counterbalances cool white tones with warm earthy colors. The brilliant white couches are a wonderful contrast to the golden tones of the floor, tables and cabinets. However, the best part of the room is the multitude of light bulbs as well as dozens of tiny spotlights bedecking the alcoves and ceilings.

Warped Wood
The Warped Wood Living Room is made to mimic the lines of the hillside where it is located

Designed by: Terry & Terry Architecture

This living room seems to be built inside a tree trunk. The floor, walls and ceilings are made of honey-colored wood. The ceiling is built warped and curved to mimic the lines of the mountainside where the house is located!

Edwardian StyleThis classic Edwardian Style Family Room is tampered with modern object d’artTrulia

This beautiful spacious and bright living room is in the classic Edwardian style tampered by modern object d’art. The room consists of soft, brown-grey suede couches and grey, textured ottoman. The wall by the floor-to-ceiling windows is decorated by period-style pictures but the center stage is held by a large modern painting, which lends the room a nice pop of color.

Modern Organic
The Modern Organic Family Room is a blend of cool steel-colored walls and warm golden wooden ceiling

This beautiful light-filled living room consists of elegant and modern furnishing as well as home décor items, including a white asymmetrical vase, a white lamp and a tiny coffee table. But the room has an organic feel to it because of the wooden ceiling and the wooden mount for the TV. The view outside the window is also filled with greenery.

Animal Kingdom Living Room

The Animal Kingdom Living Room mimics the jungle paradise, perfect for a hunting lover
Nobody would fail to notice the sheep wool-style center carpet, the tiger skin rug behind the couch and the alligator skin-style armchair and centerpiece furniture. The animal skins are probably faux but this ultra-modern home seems to be the perfect place for a hunting lover or just anyone who enjoys the look of animal skins.

Tiled-Floor, Bricked-Wall Living Room
This Tiled-Floor, Bricked-Wall Living Room comes with a neutral color palette with a pop of subtle colors

Designed by: Drury Designs

This beautiful room with neutral colors is given a pop of color by the bright hued, bronzey-gold and silver-blue throw pillows. But the most striking feature of the room is its rectangular tiles that mimic wood. The front wall, where the TV and fireplace are, is also made of slim colorful bricks, while the modern hanging light fixtures near the door give the room a very classy look.

Retro Retreat
The brightly colored Retro Retreat Living Room mimics the 1960s style

With its retro style, this living space exudes color and warmth. The clean lines of the ceiling, walls and floor are beautifully counterbalanced by the rounded and curved couches and arm chairs. Although the structure of the house boasts pale muted beige tones, the furniture is more exuberant, comprising an orangey-tan center table, and green, blue and yellow throw cushions. The fireplace is also made of warm, reddish tones of stone.

Pure White and Sapphire Blue Living Room The Pure White and Sapphire Blue Living Room, filled with bronze figurines, is a great place to relax
This living space is the perfect place to work in some peace and quiet. The whitewashed walls and ceilings provide an air of serenity. The deep jewel-blue armchair and footrest provides a gorgeous contrast to the otherwise pale colors of the room. The room is also decorated with bronze figurines and several odds and ends artfully clutter with the shelves.

Leather and Fur Living Room
The Leather and Fur Living Room, with its wolfskin rug and black leather chairs, is perfect for a chilly winter

Fabelta, Fenestration systems

This room comprises black leather couches and a seat and the floor is insulated with a rug that gives the illusion of a wolf skin. The adjacent wall consists entirely of a window as well as a light grey stone fireplace. This living room design is great if you live in a chilly area with lots of scenic beauty.

The Monochrome Room

The Hollywood-style Monochrome Room is all about black, white and silver hues
Source: ARRCC

This ultra modern living room is decorated entirely in the hues of silver with some black accents. The living space features armchairs, couches and a center rug in shades of silver, bedecked with dove grey and silver throw pillows. The tables in the center of the room have a modern design and have a marbled design. A Hollywood-style room.

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